Refractory Precast Moulds Information

Your one stop mould solution

Foam Geometrix truly is your first and final place to look for your precast moulds. Our experienced personnel will work with you to help design moulds, whether it is starting from scratch or adapting and EPS (foam) insert to your existing blank mould.

We have AutoCAD capabilities to assist our design / engineering team in finding a solution to fit your needs.

We also have precast experience, helping us to understand your needs. This enables us to better meet your mould requirements.


There are many advantages of incorporating EPS (expanded polystyrene) in precast moulds. Here are a few examples:

  1. Low Cost: Why go through the expense of designing and building a mould using conventional methods for short runs or trial shapes? Foam moulds are low cost allowing you to go ahead with these shapes, minimizing the mould expense that either you need to absorb or pass on to your customer, lowering the overall cost of your project.
  2. Complex Shapes: Our sophisticated CAD/CAM system allows us the flexibility and precision to manufacture moulds for even the most complex of shapes.
  3. Handling: Foam moulds are lightweight making long setup and teardown times a thing of the past. The great cost advantage lets you discard the mould rather than go through the painful clean up process.
  4. Fast "On Time" Delivery: Send us your requirements and we will quickly quote price and delivery. We stock the materials needed to make foam moulds, therefore are able to deliver when needed. 


We at Foam Geometrix challenge ourselves to take an innovative approach to designing moulds and formwork to meet our customer’s specific needs using our custom made foam cutting equipment.


Foam Geometrix is the leader in custom cut Refractory Precast Moulds and Specialized Concrete Formwork. Years of expertise in the industry combined with state of the art technology guarantee your project will be completed to the highest standards.